Can' t embrace these more:  via 5 Things not to say in leadership roles.

1.) We are family. Business is business. There is no need to make promises you cannot keep — or misuse a sentiment that is false and misleading.

2.) I am authentic. Authenticity requires an enormous amount of transparency. That said, don’t say “I am authentic” and encourage others to be so if you are not 100% sure your organisational culture actually encourages and supports authenticity, instead of mouthing nice-sounding phrases.

3.) I am looking forward to this new adventure or challenge. If you want a new adventure and challenge, embark on a hiking expedition or exotic trip in the wild. Consider how you would feel, boarding a plane and hearing the pilot say that he or she is looking forward to this new trip as an adventure or a challenge. Simply state that you are honored to be given the leadership role and that you take it — and the responsibility that accompanies the position — seriously.

4) We should all embrace change. By saying these words (about embracing change) and knowing what they really mean, you are, in reality, telling others that you know about “something” but cannot tell them what it means for them! If you know about something (whatever that may be) that will change the way people work or put them out of work, it is better to provide hints rather than hiding things until the change knocks on the door. This approach of honest communication is much more efficient than telling employees nonsense and wasting time for the organisation and the people whom you expect to believe what you say.

5) And let’s not forget to have some fun. Before making such a suggestion, make sure that people in your organisation truly enjoy what they are doing, feel comfortable being who they are and want to be, and embrace their current leadership.

Here is the bottom line: Leadership roles are not meant for managers to persuade others to believe that they are part of a family, to encourage them to have an adventure, to tell others to be themselves when they are clueless as to how competitive and frustrating it is out there for others, or to inspire them to have fun and “whistle while they work.” Leadership roles are serious business. Leadership roles are not about you but about others. Leadership roles are for people who genuinely want to help others succeed.

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